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Biomes are determined primarily by temperature and precipitation. Thus, they are distributed throughout the planet in a somewhat predictable.

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The global distributions of ecosystems. The distribution of large-scale ecosystems (biomes) is determined by climate. Latitude, air pressure and winds are important factors that determine the climate of a place. The map shows the distribution of the global ecosystems or biomes.

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A biome /?ba?o?m/ is a community of plants and animals that have common characteristics for . Whittaker (, , ) biome-types. The distribution of vegetation types as a function of mean annual temperature and precipitation. Classifications - Whittaker (, - Olson & Dinerstein.

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Earth's biomes are closely correlated to the type of climate experienced there. Areas that receive on average large amounts of rainfall (such as the Indonesian.

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Biomes are areas of vegetation that are characterized by the same life-form. Traditional definitions of biomes have also included either geographical or climatic.

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Ecosystems and biomes, defined by specific plant and animal communities interacting with the physical environment, are unevenly distributed on Earth's surface.

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In projecting climatic adjustments to anthropogenically elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide, most global climate models fix biome distribution to current.

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Surface pollen-based reconstruction of modern natural biome patterns is in good agreement (%) with actual vegetation distribution in China. However.

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